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2022 WellNYS Daily To-Do

2022 January WellNYS Daily To-Do
Set a new health-goal and track your progress...(more)
2022 February WellNYS Daily To-Do
Create a bucket list or vision board...(more)
2022 March WellNYS Daily To-Do
Eat one meal without distractions....(more)
2022 May WellNYS Daily To-Do
Dance or move to your favorite song!...(more)
2022 June WellNYS Daily To-Do
Start your morning with a positive habit....(more)
2022 July WellNYS Daily To-Do
Form a team of two and be active together...(more)
2022 August WellNYS Daily T-Do
Stay hydrated throughout the day....(more)
2022 September WellNYS Daily To-Do
Carve out 22 minutes of alone time....(more)
2022 October WellNYS Daily To-Do
Find out your health statistics...(more)
2022 November WellNYS Daily To-Do
Plan One Positive Thing for Tomorrow...(more)
2022 December WellNYS Daily To-Do
Plan healthy activities for 2023....(more)
Wellness Webinars

"Use the 2022 WellNYS Everyday Monthly Challenges to Become Your Best Self" recording
Click on the link to listen to recording...(more)
"Someday is today" recording
Click on the link to listen to recording....(more)
"What Awaits You Outside" recording
Click on the link to listen to recording....(more)
"Move to Your Favorite Song" recording
Click on the link to listen to recording....(more)
"Start Your Morning with a Positive Habit" recording
Click on the link for the recording...(more)
"Move to Your Favorite Song" recording
"What Awaits You Outside in New York State - Summer Edition." recording
"Discover Fun Ways to Drink More Water" recording
"Carve Out time for you!" recording
"It's time to plan a vacation." recording
"Know Your Numbers" recording
"Do More Of What Makes You Happy" recording
"Wrapping up 2022 and Planning Healthy Activities for 2023" recording
2021 WellNYS Daily To-Do Calendars

2021 January WellNYS Daily To-Do
Pursue or start a hobby...(more)
February WellNYS Daily To-Do
Take Care of Your Mental Health...(more)
April WellNYS Daily To-Do
Take a Financial WellNYS Challenge...(more)
June WellNYS Daily To-Do
Plan 21 fun and healthy things to do this summer...(more)
July WellNYS Daily To-Do
Connect to nature in New York State...(more)
August Daily To-Do
Try it, Taste it, Tally it up: Fruit and Vegetable Challenge...(more)
September WellNYS Daily To-Do
Focus on foot health and posture...(more)
December WellNYS Daily To-Do
Start your day with a positive affirmation....(more)
2020 WellNYS Daily To-Do Calendars

January WellNYS Daily To Do
Choose a wellness accountability partner...(more)
March WellNYS Daily To Do
Make better food choices...(more)
April Daily To-Do: Practice Managing Stress
Practice managing stress...(more)
August WellNYS Daily To-Do
Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables....(more)
October WellNYS Daily To-Do
Eat New York State apples....(more)
December WellNYS Daily To Do
Make the holidays healthier...(more)
EAP Promotional Wellness Poster

January "Healthy Directions" EAP Wellness Poster
January "Healthy Directions" EAP Wellness Poster...(more)
February EAP Wellness Poster
How many steps do you take in a day?...(more)
March EAP Wellness Poster
Have you read your label today?...(more)
April EAP Wellness Poster
Elevator Calisthenics...(more)
June EAP Wellness Poster
Walking Meetings...(more)
July Wellness EAP Poster
Healthy Picnic Choices...(more)
August EAP Wellness Poster
Don't wait hydrate...(more)
September EAP Wellness Poster
Healthy Salad Bowl Luncheon...(more)
October EAP Wellness Poster
Piles of activity...(more)
November EAP Wellness Poster
Adopt a smoker...(more)
December EAP Wellness Poster
Give the gift of health...(more)
Walk With Ease

Walk With Ease Information Sheet
Website and information...(more)
August Monthly Challenge: Fruit and Vegetable Challenge